DuvaSawko, abeo, and Gottlieb Join Forces as Ventra Health
Ventra Health

The new brand comprises developing and existing solutions with a unified vision and identity for industry-leading revenue cycle and practice management services in healthcare.

DALLAS, TX:  DuvaSawko, abeo, and Gottlieb, leaders in outsourced revenue cycle management and practice management services for the healthcare industry, today announced the formation of Ventra Health. The new company represents a transformative approach to healthcare business solutions across industry verticals. 

Ventra Health combines the specialization of each organization, bringing together solutions for a diverse range of practices, including emergency medicine, anesthesia, hospitalist, urgent care, observation, and ambulatory surgery centers, as well as hospitals and health systems. The fully integrated company is positioned to extend services to new areas of practice. At the same time, its combined capabilities provide additional support for clients’ financial stability. 

The new name creates a unified brand architecture platform and nomenclature system to describe all products, services, and applications with a coherent identity. Above all, the brand encompasses a shared mission, vision, and commitment to client success. 

Michael O’Boyle will serve as CEO of Ventra Health.  Alongside O’Boyle, the leadership team will leverage extensive industry experience and insights as meaningful stakeholders in the new company. 

“The term Ventra symbolizes a bold, visionary gathering of skilled minds, exuding strength and direction.”, says O’Boyle.  

O’Boyle cites a dedicated team and valued clients as the guiding forces behind the new brand’s creation. 

Ventra Health builds on the revenue cycle management and consulting solutions offered by DuvaSawko/abeo with Gottlieb’s full suite of back-office capabilities, including medical coding, claims and denial management, payment processing, and patient follow-up. Together, these solutions optimize revenue cycles, reduce risk, guide growth, and increase profitability. As physician reimbursement grows more challenging, Ventra Health leads the way with an innovative approach to financial success for independent and hospital-based practices and healthcare organizations.

About Ventra Health

Ventra Health represents the combined experience and capabilities in the delivery of physician-focused business solutions of three market-leading organizations.


With support from private equity firm Varsity Healthcare Partners, DuvaSawko acquired abeo in December 2020. DuvaSawko/abeo provides revenue and practice management solutions that enabled clients to collect more than $1.5 billion from over 6 million anesthesia and emergency medicine cases annually. The firm brings the most widely used anesthesia medical billing platform in healthcare to Ventra Health and is recognized for unrivaled scalability, technology, and service. DuvaSawko acquired abeo in November, 2020.


Since 1978, Gottlieb has guided hospitals and emergency medicine, urgent care, observation, and hospitalist practices through the increasingly complex financial landscape of healthcare with innovation and a tech-driven approach. Today, Gottlieb represents more than 5 million billed patient visits across nearly 300 practices annually. The company is recognized as an industry leader in revenue cycle management and practice management. Gottlieb was acquired by DuvaSawko/abeo in April, 2021.

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