Ventra Welcomes ADVOCATE RCM to our family

Ventra Health

Ventra Health,

a Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management COmpany

Ventra Health is a top healthcare revenue cycle management company that was established when Abeo, DuvaSawko, & Gottlieb merged. 

Anesthesia Billing, Coding, & Management Solutions

Ventra Health allows anesthesiologists to focus on patient care without sacrificing financial results.

Emergency & Hospital Medicine Billing, Coding, & Management Solutions

We deliver invaluable practice insights for your organization so that you can leverage our expertise to improve financial performance.

Healthcare Advisory Solutions for Hospitals & Medical Practices

Our Advisory Solutions team breaks down economic and operational challenges into actionable tasks that optimize revenue cycle results.

THE Client experience:

Serving Physician Practices, Hospitals, & Health Systems

  • Physician Practices
  • Hospitals & Health Systems
Physician Practices

Ventra Health delivers the people, the processes, and the technology to help ensure your operational and financial success. Our RCM services include coding, data entry, billing, claims management, payments, patient outreach, and auditing.

Here are some additional benefits available to you when you partner with Ventra Health:

  • Managed Care Negotiation
  • Out of Network Dispute Resolution/Arbitration
  • Physician Education
  • Market Research
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • MIPS Education

We understand the unique challenges facing hospital-based physician practices, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can support your practice.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Ventra Health serves hospitals and health systems through revenue cycle management and consulting services. Ventra Health will work with you to determine a customized set of services based on the needs of your organization.

Coding Audits: Our audit team has deep experience and expertise in documentation, coding, and compliance and will assist in creating an audit plan in the areas of concern.

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI): Our CDI experts will identify documentation gaps and provide a plan to implement and sustain best practices.

Full or Partial RCM: Whether you are considering coding and pre-claim work or full RCM services, we will tailor our services to support you in the manner that meets your needs.

HIS Integration: Our technical team will work with the hospital IT team to create an integrated, seamless workflow with your hospital information system.

Compliance Plan Review: We will support your compliance plan development and review: from needs assessment, goal setting, and metric selection, to implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

Training: Our trainers will work with you to develop customized virtual and on-site education training programs that fit your clinical and business priorities.

Revenue Cycle Management

While Ventra Health supports a number of specialties, our focus and expertise is based on decades of supporting hospital-based practices, with a special emphasis on Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, and Hospital Medicine.

Advisory Solutions

Ventra Health partners with you to take action on the five pillars of hospital and health system business and clinical success:

Contract Review

Review employment and payer contracts to pinpoint potential risks and identify additional options.


Analyze your compensation plans by service line, location, and position to determine market competitiveness and fairness.


Review staffing by service, facility, location, and time of care to identify cost-saving staffing alternatives.


Audit financial results and build a baseline to measure and optimize performance.

Score Card

Evaluate performance incentives in two ways: compliance with guidelines and financial impact on your organization.

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