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Ventra Health partners with private practices, hospitals, and health systems to deliver data-driven and transparent business solutions for Anesthesia clinicians.

RCM Services

Billing and coding expertise to accelerate collections, reduce denials, and increase revenue

Practice Management

End-to-end operational and financial services for day-to-day management

Frictionless Patient Experience

Digital outreach, self-service portals, and a dedicated call center to simplify patient payments

Proprietary Technology

MedSuite, the most widely used anesthesia billing software in the U.S., drives our RCM service for anesthesia

Client Success Engagement

Trusted advisors with RCM operational expertise to shepherd your business through the complex healthcare environment

Best-In-Class Analytics

Actionable insights to improve reimbursement, practice management, and patient care

Contract Consulting

Trusted expertise negotiating equitable contracts with facilities and payers

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Years of RCM

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Avoiding Concurrencies in Anesthesia Billing: A Crucial Practice for Providers
In anesthesia billing, the term “concurrency” refers to the number of cases an anesthesia provider is involved in at the same time. Understanding and managing ... Read more
Compliance Series: Anesthesiology, Let’s Get Physical with Our Documentation
By: Cindy Triplett, CPC, CANPC, CPMASenior Director, Anesthesia Education When you administer anesthesia to a patient with a BMI over 40 or evaluate a patient ... Read more
2024 Advanced Institute for Anesthesia Billing and Practice Management
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September 16, 2024

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