Ventra Health Announces Mia Stillman Taback as Chief Human Resources Officer

DALLAS – March 30, 2022 – Ventra Health, a leader in revenue cycle management, practice management, and advisory services for hospital-based physician specialties, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mia Stillman Taback as Chief Human Resources Officer.

Ms. Stillman Taback joins Ventra Health from Cornerstone Healthcare Group where she served as the Chief Human Resources Officer for the last three years. Prior to that, Ms. Stillman Taback served in several Human Resources roles with Kindred Healthcare and Resurrection Healthcare. Ms. Stillman Taback received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University and obtained master’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Loyola University.

“It’s a privilege to serve the healthcare industry and I am excited to work with the great Ventra Health employees”

Mia Stillman Taback

“I am honored to join the Ventra Health team. It’s a privilege to serve the healthcare industry and I am excited to work with the great Ventra Health employees to deliver on our mission to enable healthcare providers to thrive by solving their business challenges,” said Ms. Stillman Taback.

Ventra Health’s CEO, Michael O’Boyle, added, “Ventra Health is committed to becoming the best RCM company serving hospital-based physician specialties, and to accomplish this, we need a team of employees dedicated to serving our clients at the highest possible level. In this time of great change and challenge when it comes to workforce development, we are privileged to have someone of Mia’s talent and experience. Her deep background in healthcare makes her uniquely qualified to lead our efforts in this regard, and it’s truly a pleasure to welcome such an exceptional leader.”

About Ventra Health:
Ventra Health is a leading healthcare organization focused on tech-enabled revenue cycle management, practice management, and advisory solutions for hospital-based physicians. Ventra partners with private practices, hospitals, health systems, and physician management organizations to deliver market-leading solutions that solve healthcare providers’ most complex revenue and reimbursement issues. 

Backed by Varsity Healthcare Partners, Ventra Health represents the acquisitions of DuvaSawko, Gottlieb, and Abeo, who collectively served the emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and anesthesia market.

Christopher Morrison
SVP Marketing & Sales Operations