Anesthesia Billing, Coding & Management Solutions

By partnering with Ventra Health, anesthesiologists can improve revenue cycle performance and increase operational efficiencies.

"As anesthesiologists for over 25 years utilizing different billing/practice administration services, my group now uses Ventra Health's practice administration group. Ventra Health has provided quality, ethical, attentive, and prompt service from a consistent core group of individuals. Their personal service creates a belief that your business is their one and only concern."

Practice Administrator of a Private Anesthesia Group

Navigating the financial challenges facing Anesthesia Billing, Coding & Management

Confronted with rate cuts, Medicare shifts, "No Surprises Act" complexities, and canceled contracts, anesthesiologists face a challenging road ahead. As a result, healthcare organizations are compelled to accelerate their revenue cycle and streamline surgical processes to ensure financial stability and growth.

Anesthesia Advisory Solutions

The choice is yours. Ventra Health delivers practice administration consulting solutions that boost clinical, financial and operational performance. Or choose Ventra Health's Advisory Solutions for a deep dive into new sources of revenue and fresh approaches to staffing, care delivery, and revenue cycle. The result: Higher profitability, improved quality and safety scores, and enhanced operating room and staffing efficiency.

Ventra Health's Advisory Solutions guide you through the process of optimizing billing for anesthesia. You will uncover the top reasons for reimbursement shortfalls—from complex codes to time-based services. And you will get to know high-risk compliance landmines—from concurrency and medical direction to modifiers and start-stop time.

Anesthesia Practice Technology

Ventra Health's MedSuite, the most widely used anesthesia billing software in the U.S, offers a cloud-based platform that accelerates billing and compliance performance. Ventra Health's MedSuite fits the bill, whether you are part of a billing service, a large multi-site practice, or if you face heavy claims and a remote workforce. MedSuite is what anesthesia needs to perfect billing, reporting, compliance, and staffing.

Here are just some of the practice-building advantages you'll experience with Ventra Health's MedSuite:

Maximize Revenue

Cross-check surgery schedules against your anesthesia billing process.

Benefit: Achieve accurate, evidence-based billing and collections for every anesthesia case.

Secure Practice Insights

Look beyond disparate data to essential practice metrics.

Benefit: Know where you stand—and where you could go—with Ventra Health's timely, flexible, customized reporting systems

Experience True Security

Say good-bye to costly, time-consuming upgrades, backups, and fixes.

Benefit: Overcome the escalating risk of cyberinsecurity with the built-in security of Ventra Health's MedSuite.

Mine Insider Knowledge

Learn about new and emerging anesthesia practice opportunities, results, and lessons learned.

Benefit: Discover why more practices choose MedSuite than any other anesthesia practice technology. Make their success your success.

Boost Practice Efficiency & Productivity

Move with ease and speed through MedSuite’s intuitive fields and functions.

Benefit: Streamline billing and coding workflows to increase revenue and ensure compliance.

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Anesthesia Practice administration

Ventra Health is your partner in finding the fastest, most cost-effective strategies for enhancing data-driven performance. Our team of seasoned consultants delivers an easy-to-implement roadmap for your journey to clinical, operational, and financial excellence.

Ventra Health offers tested blueprints that tackle anesthesia’s toughest management challenges—from routine administrative hassles, inefficiencies, and unpredictable costs, to frayed relationships with hospitals and against-the-wall negotiations with payers.

No matter what the history, size, function, and scope of your practice, Ventra Health’s Anesthesia Practice Administration reveals how to take control of operations, costs, and compliance. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Ventra Health:

Refine Strategies for Growth and Profitability

Discover best practice approaches to physician-hospital alignment, collaboration, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and alliances.

Benefit: Implement tested, evidence-based innovations that direct growth and ensure ongoing profitability.

Revitalize Managed Care Contracting

Build a customized contracting strategy that meshes with payer trends and developments.

Benefit: Join Ventra Health to create a personalized plan that navigates through goals and objectives, implementation, metrics monitoring, and results reporting.

Revenue Re-engineering

Revamp revenue cycle management by inviting Ventra Health to take on business operations.

Benefit: Ensure revenue cycle consistency and credibility by preventing disruptions caused by changes in staff.

Audit Compliance & Assess Documentation

Make the most of Ventra Health’s track record in processing millions of anesthesia billing claims by taking a closer look at documentation and compliance.

Benefit: Gain insight into your practice stands on anesthesia billing, documentation and compliance as you design innovations.

Enhance Financial Management

Identify the strategies, tools, and resources needed to strengthen financial management.

Benefit: Tap into Ventra Health’s expert oversight to prepare for shifts in markets, medicine, care delivery and regulation.

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From The abeo legacy to ventra health

For over 40 years, Abeo partnered with Anesthesia clients across the country as a trusted advisor. Abeo has transformed anesthesia operations at hundreds of physician practices and hospitals. Throughout its history, Abeo consistently delivered valuable end-to-end revenue cycle management and practice administration solutions.  Throughout the years, Abeo's mission was to help providers stay one step ahead in the effort of navigating an evolving healthcare landscape. Ventra Health's Anesthesia solutions are based on the foundation of Abeo's knowledge, skill, experience, and credibility. 

Finding the Right RCM Partner

Practices need to take a closer look at KPIs— from clean claim rates to collections per visit, know how KPIs are trending, and how a practice could boost clinical and business performance.

Working with an RCM partner like Ventra Health can improve financial performance and patient satisfaction scores while extending performance of practice staff.  

Practices seek partners like Ventra Health when they experience revenue declines driven by changing payer rules or challenges in contracting and credentialing. The solution rests in having a clinical and business vision for the practice while optimizing anesthesia billing and coding.  

Practices who hire coders and billers must keep up with training and the latest coding changes, as well as securing payment on claims.

Your RCM partner should know the specialty of Anesthesia, your electronic health record (EHR) system, and new and emerging technologies that could boost practice performance. 

Ventra Health can ensure that you bill every day to avoid aged accounts receivables. 

Physicians should look at Ventra Health as an extension of the practice, not as a separate entity. Make sure your RCM partner is available for troubleshooting, support, and regular meetings. 

While cost is a factor in finding and engaging an RCM partner, look for an ability to gather data, share insights, and engage with third parties.